Here's our story...

“Dogs don’t stay on this earth as long as humans do. We make them live each day to the fullest by serving them the best food with full of goodness in it”

– Dheepakh Rajaram, Co-Founder

Who we are

Goodness is an independent family run natural pet food business that is established to provide our market with natural and nutritionally complete pet food with a variety of meat ranges at an affordable price. Our dogs are like our own children, and it is important for every pet parent to find out each and every ingredient and its goodness.

How we started

Before, we dealt with an another brand and the moment we got disappointed with the consistency, we decided to build our own brand to make sure our product is available at all times and to give extreme quality at an affordable price. Yes of course, building a new brand is tough, but we don’t use the word “Tough” when there is lots of passion and inspiration in our hearts. Actually, it was challenging, since we are building our brand on our own

Many people suggested us to follow what others are doing in our pet food industry. But our heart told us to follow Mother Nature and its Goodness. In that way, we are unique and we are proud of what we are doing.

To tell this in the great Walt Disney’s quote,
“We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths”

What we aim

Our ultimate goal is to provide a complete nutrition with different meat ranges like Turkey, Duck, Salmon, Trout, Pork and Chicken at an affordable price.

Quality is the front face of our brand and we assure that it is delivered to our respective clients. Our approach has always been to educate our clients and support them using a natural approach. We hope you and your dog will love our food and become a part of the Goodness family.

“GOODNESS” as the name indicates the quality of being good. Hence, we believe in Goodness and we always will.

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