Your best friend deserves the best dog food in India!

All natural, grain-free pet foods. Helping dogs & cats enjoy healthier, happier lives.

100% grain free recipe

Grains like wheat, oats and barley are used as unwanted fillers in dog food to cut down the cost and it is linked with issues like itchy skin, dull coat, digestive issues & ear inflammation. So we never use them in our dog food

Upto 80% high quality meat

We use only High quality meat. Our recipes are available in 50% single animal meats for adult dogs, 60% Multi-meat recipe & 60% Pure Salmon recipe for Puppies and 80% High meat Ancestral recipes for All life stages.

All natural ingredients

We never use anything artificial as you can be assured that our dog food is free from artificial preservatives, colours and flavours. We know that only natural ingredients are good for your dog.

Best quality dog food in India

We have taken enormous efforts to manufacture the best quality dog food in the United Kingdom and import into India. It is definitely worth a try and we’re sure that you’ll see wonderful results!

Feeding your pets the best. Always.

Goodness Grain Free is a holistic, all-natural grain free diet with all recipes starting with de-boned meat as the primary ingredient. These recipes provide high levels of premium quality protein, along with farm-fresh fruits and vegetables like cranberries, carrots, blueberries, asparagus, peas and more, making it the best dog food in India!

Why is Goodness better than other brands?

Goodness Pet Food proudly bring you the very best premium quality puppy, dog, and cat food on the market formulated in the UK for our customers in India. As a dog owner, the most important decision you are likely to make for your dog is giving him proper nutrition. The dog food industry is enormous, and there are undoubtedly some brands out there that promise to give dogs the nutrients that they deserve or even claim to be “premium dog food,” but unfortunately, this is rarely the case for the average store-bought dog food.

Our secret ingredient?

We manufacture this amazingly developed holistic pet food to rigorous ethical standards of quality, results, economy, and safety using only the finest natural ingredients.

Our best sellers

Goodness is backed by science, vets


Pradeep Singh
An excellent dog food! The strong aroma is proof enough for the stuff it beholds in itself!
Vishal Jain
An excellent dog food! The strong aroma is proof enough for the stuff it beholds in itself!
Shanmuga Thilak
Have been using this product only quiet recently. nice product because it is grain free. far superior than the major dog food which has meat crap. so i compromise with the high rate of this product. after all the dogs dont demand anything more than food.
As it is a grain free diet, this thing is a no brainer for your dog. My one year old dog loves this food. The smell is little over powering. But overall excellent quality dog food. 2kg pack comes with air tight Velcro bags, So we don't need other container for storage.
Economical yet super nutritious! My dog loves the smell of this food. Will surely buy different flavors to give him more options
Anish Mathena
worth the cost. A premium product from uk finally available in India. Showed results within days of switching to this food. Totally worth it!

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